Hi There!

I am Los Angeles wedding photographer who specializes in vintage, modern, timeless photojournalism for bridals, engagement, and weddings.

I started photographing weddings years ago capturing beautiful memories on film. I still keep my old film cameras with me, but most of my work is done with digital top-notch professional cameras.

The reason why I do wedding photography because I've always been fascinated by the magnetic positive energy, romance, classy looks of the beautiful joyful couples in love.

There is nothing like capturing "I am in love with you" -vibes, catching every single sparkle of it, as a reflection in the eyes of each other. 

My goal is to present you with the ultimate quality of the world-class imagery and long-lasting memories. 

My images are your smile surrounded by the warm light so that when you look at your photo years later, you can still live through the same magic moment.

But this is NOT about me; this is all for you and about you! Let's roll our sleeves and get back to making a beautiful photo! 

Phone: (818) 497-3879
Tweeter: @ShaverdYanPhoto
 IG: @shaverdyanphoto